Donkey Mails Review – Is Donkey Mails a scam?

Is Donkey Mails a scamHi there, my names Nicky Harrison and I’ve been using paid to click (PTC) sites for over five years. It’s been a wild journey, with ups and downs, but now I make my living online and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Donkey Mails is a website where everyone can earn some extra cash online. You can do this by reading emails, clicking ads, compleating offers and filling out surveys. You can earn a few extra bucks a month with this site and it only takes a few minutes a day.

Donkey Mails has been online for over 11 years and always pay their members. They have a very low payout minimum anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 depending on which processor you’re using.

If you refer other members you can take advantage of Donkey Mails multiple leveled referral program and earn cash form five levels down from you. That means if your referral has a referral you’ll get commisions from them and beyond that. With Donkey Mails you can have unlimted referrals, so the sky is the limit here!

So, is Donkey Mails a scam? Nope! They’ve been online for 11 years and always manage to pay their members, they may be a slow earner but with unlimited referrals you can speed that up a bit. They’re one of the few sites that have stood the test of time and are here to stay.

Here’s some more information on Donkey Mails:

Top PTC sites - Donkey Mails Donkey Mails Stats:
– No minimum payout
– 5 referral levels
– Get paid with Okpay, Paypal, Perfect Money, Payza & Solidtrustpay
– Get paid for signing up, doing offers and surveys
Click Rate: $0.0001 – $0.01
Min Payment: $0.01- $1
Payout Time: Monthly
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Donkey Mails Review – Is Donkey Mails a scam?
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